Victor C Ching Yee and His Achievement

Victor C. Yee

Victor C Ching Yee is an Academic Mentor based in Arizona. He took and finished his M. Ed. Teaching and Teacher in the University of Arizona and with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and History and Economics in the University of Arizona. Before he is an academic advisor to the Pre Business Students with last names starting with the letters D-G at the Eller College of management in the University of Arizona. He also became a Chess teacher at the Arizona Chess of Schools and a coach to the Junior Varsity Basketball. He also works in the Undergraduate Programs Office. Currently, he is the coordinator of the Leadership and Engagement in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona.

Victor C. Yee Professional Page

His school is really a big help to what he has and he have right now. University of Arizona molds him to be the best to everything he does and that made him a successful one. University of Arizona really provides a good product, including Victor C ching Yee in which their mission is to develop the forecasts and enhance the people s lives in Arizona through the good education, creative expression, research and business and community partnerships. University of Arizona is the only representative from the state of Arizona to be become an elected member to the Association of American Universities.

Victor C. YeeHis present at Eller is became his aid to the students to become what they want in the life, as the school goal is to nurture an environment where the student can develop their contacts and values within the people around them and to encourage them to explore the learning opportunities to improve the students in building academic experience for them have an excellent career. They also promote and embody ethical behavior that will instill the student to their social responsibility. They offer timely and precise academic information to uphold good decision making and planning. With this, Professor Yee strongly believes that they can provide the students a good future.

Professor Yee is truly amazing. He’s always prepared when entered the class and when he start to talk you could not do anything but to listen because he is the kind that knows everything he’s talking about. His students really enjoyed his class because they always had fun. Some of his students wish that their class to professor could take more than a day.

Professor Victor C Ching Yee believes that being an academic advisor is a great opportunity to share information to aid the students reaches their goals through education and for them to have a better future.