The Truth Behind Benistar

Benistar is a company that provides a pensioner health and plans for retirement for almost more than four hundred sponsors plan around United States and was established in the year 1978. In fact, Benistar is considered as the national leader in administration, design and installation of the 65 post group of retiree medical welfares. They focused specifically on the management of retiree prescription and medical drug plans.


They also work with consultants and brokers to provide all the retiree prescription and medical medicine solutions for different organizations and companies nationwide including the Labor Unions, Religious Organizations, City and County Government entities, privately and publicly-held companies and Educational Organizations.

Additionally, Benistar also provides a cost-effective and creative retiree advantage solutions for them to meet all the unique expectations of every plan sponsors. They even work with their customer to examine the current program for every retiree and for them to identify easily the needed and the best strategy for the program to improve more.

Their administrative team is the one who are handling all the operation and the ongoing administration to ensure that the program is just simple for their broker partners and plan sponsors. They also work with their customers to provide an effective communication with the retirees. They can even list bill all the group, directly bill the retiree or divide every bill between retiree and group when it is needed.

BenistarTheir service team in retiree customer is well trained in the Medicare products and also in working carefully with all the senior customers. Benistar take pride in ensuring that all their retiree associates are comfortable with their program. They also make sure all the questions of the seniors or worries are resolved easily. Benistar also make sure that they stay in line together with their member and also ask for advices to the CMS or carrier to solve every issue of their members.

They also make sure that even though they are the one who are taking good care of the retirees, they still have the chance to have enough time to be with their family. Retirees also don’t have a time limit when they are using the phone to talk to anyone whom they want to talk to.

Benistar is indeed the best company that can really provide you retirement plans and health pension in the future. So there is now no need for you to worry when you already retired, because Benistar is always ready to serve you.