Frank Weglarz

Frank Weglarz Facebook ProfileFrank Weglarz Facebook Profile

When it comes to professional insurance agent, Frank Weglarz has proven his worth, knowledge and abilities to serve thousands of clients around the world regarding their insurance securities. Frank Weglarz finished his college degree in Augustana College Finance/Sociology/Economics during 2002 to 2006. He took up his BA, Sociology and BA, Finance in 2002 to 2006.

After graduation, he worked on some prestigious companies for knowledge and abilities enhancement. He worked as Sales and Field Operations Intern at Swing of the Quad Circles, served as Producer at Trissel Graham & Toole, Inc., Risk Advisory at Hawk Agency Inc., Product Manager at RLI Insurance Company, and Regional Product Representative at Monitor Liability Managers, LCC since 2003. He considered as a licensed casualty insurance agent.

Being a knowledgeable and professional person, he manages to become one of the most skillful and excellent expert nowadays that every company chooses to have. His historical backgrounds and accolades serves as his inspiration and strength to be a better individual and share the skills that he has to every clients that he is serving. Frank Weglarz dedication and passion to work brings great impact to deliver good job results.

Frank Weglarz Facebook ProfileAfter Frank Weglarz graduated from his school at Augustana, he found out that he will be joining his father in the residential contracting family business. But an association that he made at the annual Business Day of the college landed him to have full-time job with a susceptible insurance company at Davenport while he was still a fresh graduate. He practiced his internship in this company and accepted the offered job afterwards.

His abilities to talk, write, make sales and act also made him as a real insurance professional. To achieve a heavenly status to become a great life or health insurance expert is not just easy. But Frank Weglarz made it possible for him to achieve several achievements that he already succeeded. Among his significant roles being a professional insurance agent includes working on behalf of the marketing company and selling their products, evaluates designs plans and group needs.

Frank Weglarz increase in his every sales because of more preparation on products and the manners to talk with his customers about the importance and need of life insurance made him the successful professional insurance agent that he is right now. He is very eager to discuss with his clients other living benefits and additional riders of life insurance with his clients. Aside from that, Frank Weglarz develops a strong relationship with other professionals in order to lift the business. Indeed, he has the qualities of a professional insurance agent.